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Hiding places

An important part of the escape game is the search-and-find missions. Especially children and inexperienced players are good at them and don’t overdo it. In your own home, you certainly already know good hiding places. However, here is a list to tune your imagination:

  • Throw the hint in the waste-paper basket, maybe ripped to pieces
  • behind a painting or photo frame
  • tape something under a table, chair, shelf, sofa, coffee table, chest of drawers, etc. Under the rug also works , and why not under a tablecloth.
  • Behind the towels in the bathroom
  • In the pocket of a coat etc, related to the game
  • Inside a ballpoint pen
  • Inside a flashlight
  • Between candy and candy paper, or in a box of chocolate
  • Taped to the inside edge of a kitchen drawer
  • Between a book, a CD, a calendar
  • Behind or inside the wall clock
  • Inside a guitar or other instrument
  • If you are using a computer in the game, hide a hint on a USB flash drive that can be password protected and hidden.
  • Using transparent tape, you can tape a number or other symbol on the inside of a lamp shade. The symbol appears when the lamp is turned on.
  • Remove the label from a bottle, write a message on the back of it and glue the label back into place. Now you can see the message THROUGH the bottle.
  • If you have the tools,, you can carve a hiding place inside a book by cutting out the center section of several pages.

To avoid complete chaos, it may be a good idea to mark items that are part of the game with a small piece of tape.

Alternatively, you can mark the area that is included in the game, using string or tape. Or the other way around, string off areas that are not included (bookshelf, telly, your selection of Ming vases…)

You can share your own best hiding places in the comment area.