Out of the box: Tasks for the creative mind

Out of the box. At its best, an escape room is a place where you get to use your "little grey cells" in various ways. In this article, we'll show you some puzzles that will send your creative mind spinning right out of the box. Be ready to get surprised!


Use the phone as a code lock

Use the phone as a code lock. Is there an old smartphone in your drawer that works even if you’ve already switched to a better model? This opens up a lot of opportunities! Take a photo with text, numbers or another message on your phone. Set the image as your home screen wallpaper. Lock your phone with a number code or pattern that players can come up with through a task.


The Bicycle Lock

The bicycle lock. Depending on what kind of lock you have, you can lock a handbag, storage box, or cabinet door, for example. If the game requires the use of scissors or another tool, you can lock them onto the radiator. Then just hide the key, e.g. in the ceiling in a cable tray, from where the key must be angled with a stick with a magnet glued to its tip.

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