The Bicycle Lock

The bicycle lock. Depending on what kind of lock you have, you can lock a handbag, storage box, or cabinet door, for example. If the game requires the use of scissors or another tool, you can lock them onto the radiator. Then just hide the key, e.g. in the ceiling in a cable tray, from where the key must be angled with a stick with a magnet glued to its tip.


The Mine Field

The Mine Field. Mark an asymmetrical grid on the floor with masking tape. It can be up to 10 squares long and 1-6 squares wide - fit it into the space at hand. The longer and wider the grid, the more difficult the minefield becomes. The size of one square is about 30 cm so that the foot can fit well into it.


Angling with a magnet

Angling with magnet is always a fun escape task, especially if there are otherwise a lot of thought-provoking challenges in the game. You can also fish with a hook, but a magnet is a safer and easier option.


You game to the end!

Welcome to the end!