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The Mine Field

You need a bare floor space, masking tape, and playing cards to be able to build a minefield.

Mark an asymmetrical grid on the floor with masking tape. It can be up to 10 squares long and 1-6 squares wide – fit it into the space at hand. The longer and wider the grid, the more difficult the minefield becomes. The size of one square is about 30 cm so that the foot can fit well into it.

Each member of the team takes their turn through the minefield. First, tie the eyes of the brave agent with a scarf. The game controller then puts playing cards = mines in some squares. The rest of the team stays outside the grid and guides the walker through the field step by step with verbal commands. Mine boxes must not be entered.

Before the next team member enters the field, mine locations are swapped so that the route is always new and unexpected.

If someone steps on the mine, the whole team shouts WHOOOOM (you can also use a drum, boiler lids or other sound effects). The mine locations are changed and the walker is allowed to try again.

Success does not depend on the walker but on the team. The clearer the communication, the better the agent performs his duties.

Competition brings more excitement. If you have a larger group, you can split it into two teams and compete to see which team gets all their members through the field faster.

Please note that:

  • The more mines you use, the harder the task.
  • Space the squares so that they feel natural to walk without too big or too small a step. Obviously, you can’t place the mines so that it takes a huge jump to get past them – or can you?
  • The walker must not be touched, the commands are only verbal.
  • Good background music can bring more excitement to the walking. Also make sure that the space is suitably dim.

The Minefield is great for many adventure-themed games. It’s good to put it where the game is culminating and getting close to the end.