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Angling with a magnet

Angling with magnet is always a fun escape task, especially if there are otherwise a lot of thought-provoking challenges in the game. You can also fish with a hook, but a magnet is a safer and easier option.

Little magnets can be bought at hardware stores. Some already have a hole in the middle and are easy to tie to a rope or fishing line.

Angling ideas

  • A key is hidden in a bottle, or under a large flower pot (with a hole in the bottom), or behind the grille, etc. With double-sided tape, the bottle can be attached to the base so that the key cannot be shaken out by turning the bottle. A fishing tool can simply consist of a string with a magnet tied to the end. The magnet can also be glued into in a leather or fabric wrapping or small sachet to make it less obvious.
  • The key is hidden in the ceiling, for example in a wire grapple, or on a hook that is not otherwise accessible (a climbing ban can be given before the game). The magnet is glued to the end of a stick of some sort. Maybe it is a broom, an umbrella, a walking stick, a long magic wand, a detachable chair leg, or just a branch picked from the forest? What fits your story?
  • Attach a grille or barrier in the doorway between two rooms. The key or other object to be angled is in another room and the player must fish it out behind an obstacle or through the grid. You can also use a hook and a real extendable fishing rod for this, if the key has a large ring.

Note that many keys are made of UNMAGNETIC metal. In most cases, a small iron key ring must be attached to the key in order for the magnet to grip.