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The Storyline

The story starts from an initial situation that suddenly changes. The heroes / players go on a journey in order to complete a mission. During the journey, they go through certain stages. When you clarify the stages of the story, you get the game flow. This is like storyline.

Example: You are in Scotland on a tourist trip and arrive at a castle that was used as Hogwarts of the Harry Potter movies. You go in to have a look around, but suddenly, the big front door locks behind you and the lights go out. In the dark, you hear a deep voice saying that Voldemort still has a bracelet hidden here that he is coming to pick up. If he finds it and puts it on his wrist, he will come back to life as powerful as ever. Only you who are now present can try to find the bracelet before him and throw it in the well of No Return, where it will be destroyed.

The search begins in Professor Snape’s office, where players find poison bottles and a secret recipe. Using them, a door opens into the Slytherin common room, where there is a Magic Lamp, a spell book of black magic, and a parchment that turns out to be a map of Hogwarts. Strange paintings hang on the wall, and when the magic lamp shines on them, runes appear that help you interpret the spells. Eventually, players open Tom Riddle’s secret closet, and find a magic wand that can be used to fish up pieces of a jigsaw puzzle. When the pieces are joined together, a magic word is revealed. It allows players to solve the mystery of the maze and find the place where the bracelet is hidden. The well of No Return must also be opened so that the bracelet can be thrown there. When everything is done, a voice thanks the players and a wonderful party drink / cake / magic smoothie appears in the room …

The emboldened words indicate the places and objects that make up the course of the game. Each object is formed into a task that must be solved on the way to the goal. In this example, players receive a mission from a recording that they listen to in a dark space before the quest begins. A start in the dark helps players break away from the home surroundings and tune into their imagination. A good finish with a proper celebration is also important.

Once the story has gotten this far, it’s time to think about puzzles and tasks.