The Cursed Candle

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A magic mission set at Hogwarts’ Castle. Something sinister is approaching, summoned by a name engraved into a Cursed Candle. Can you find the candle and destroy the curse?

10 original task and 6 different “locations”.

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As we know, Harry, Ron and Hermione found and destroyed all the horcruxes, into which Lord Voldemort had hidden parts of his soul, and Voldemort is utterly dead. Or is he?

When Lord Voldemort was the young Tom Riddle, student at Hogwarts, he was intrigued by black magic. One of the experiments he made was inscribing his name into a candle, using his own blood as ink, and uniting himself with the name through strong magic spells. He hid the candle and forgot about it for many years.

Now the name written in blood is summoning him, and some part of him is responding.  He’s actually approaching! All students and teachers have left Hogwarts for the summer holidays and you are just touristing in Scotland. Still, someone must find the candle and destroy it, before Voldemort manages to get there. You are the only ones who can do it in time…

Order one game per team. You can only play the game once.

You will need:

  1. Print-outs (12+ pages, printed by you on a color printer or ordered from us).
  2. A game code, which you will get when purchasing the game.
  3. A pair of scissors and a pen.
  4. An online device with a 10″ screen, at least.

Game include:

  • 10 original task
  • 6 different “locations”