The Murder of Ms Cronwall

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A Do-It-Yourself escape game that takes you back to the swinging 1920’s in Finland. The prohibition law reigned and gave a boost to speakeasies, often offering additional carnal services.

14 original task and 3 different “locations”

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The murder of Ms Cronwall is a do-it-yourself escape game that takes you to Finland in the 1920’s, during the prohibition law. This was a time when speakeasies were found all around town and the smuggling business flourished. Ms Cronwall hosted a “cultural tea house”, which was part speakeasy, part brothel . One morning Emelie Cronwall was found murdered in her own bed, after a rather wet night. The police doesn’t have time to solve murders of insignificant persons – after all, Ms Cronwall was only a woman and a prostitute. Maybe you could help to solve this crime?

The game suits all players aged 12+. We recommend a team size of 2-5 players, but you can also have a go on your own.

Having purchased the game, you’ll get a link to a pdf file with documents that you’ll need to print out, preferably in color. During the game, you’ll also need an internet connection, as some of the material and the hints will appear online. As the game proceeds, you write your answers into the online game surroundings.

Note! When buying the game, choose which language you want and start the game in the same language (English or Finnish). If you try to activate the game in another language, your code will be lost.

Order one game per team. You can only play the game once.

You will need:

  1. Print-outs, 14 pages. (Can also be ordered from us,)
  2. A game code, which you’ll get on purchasing the game.
  3. An online device with internet connection, preferably with a 10″ screen (minimum) and a good sound.
  4. A pair of scissors and a pen.

Game include:

  • 14 original task
  • 3 different “locations”